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Hello. It’s Me.

It’s about time.

I’ve had this domain now for about three months. And yet I haven’t published a thing.


Nervousness, probably. After writing nearly every day for a blog in college and while living in my parents’ basement (sometimes drinking a tasty Mike’s Hard Lemonade), I’ve stopped blogging entirely. It’s not that I’ve stopped writing, though. I am still the Web Editor for the Minnesota Timberwolves and I’m probably writing two or three things every single day.

But it’s not like the stuff I used to write. The stuff (here comes the humble brag) that won me a 2009 Minnesota Newspaper Award for writing a column title Jersey Girls. 

(Not about girls from New Jersey. About girls who loved them some college athletes. Did I eliminate myself from dating 50% of the campus by writing that? Maybe. But let’s be honest, I’m 5’10, 140 pounds. I was already eliminated.)

That’s more of a criticism of myself than it is bragging. I wish I wouldn’t have gone away from that and it’s actually kind of sad I did. When I felt the best about myself as a person, I was writing creatively daily. A lot of stuff that was probably a bit controversial, but always in a light-hearted tone.

The closest thing I can compare it to is my “Reminiscing With Ratke” column I write weekly for the Timberwolves. is a great platform, but it’s hard to be creative daily when you’re A.) the writer that is employed by the team and B.) you can only write so much when the team has won just 24 games combined in the last two years. That’s not being mean. That’s the truth. And it’s been a professional challenge of mine.

But let’s stop getting sappy and start getting positive.

This is the first post of what will be multiple per week.

Well, what will the topics be, Kyle?

Welcome back, imaginary reader. The topics will consist pretty much of everything from sports to politics to movies and music. I’ll probably stay away from basketball being I write about that daily at work. My takes won’t exactly be “hot” and it probably wouldn’t be responsible of me to share some of my basketball opinions on any site that isn’t the one that pays my student loans off.

If you were familiar with my last blog, The Kid’s Take (which no longer exists because I had to pay my student loans), this will be very similar to that. Mike Hagstrom (a friend of mine from high school who I have plenty of stories about but I’ll refrain… for now) is once again helping me out with the site. Right now, it’s a bit bland, but we’ll get it populated with plenty of content and hopefully, a weekly podcast will return.

I don’t have much else to write for now. It’s 4:15 p.m. on a game day here at the office, so things are pretty busy.

I plan to check in again tomorrow with my Bachelor power rankings, something I hope to do weekly.

That wasn’t a joke.

I’ll also have football picks on Friday before this weekend’s slate of games. I’m just going to keep pretending that the Vikings missed the playoffs entirely.

Thanks for reading the first of many posts on this site.

It’s good to be back.