This Stupid (And Really Fun Thing) I Did For Work

On May 3, 2016, I won a contest. But might have lost at the same time.

Then why are you sharing this, Kyle?

Well, imaginary reader. Thanks for asking. I’m sharing this because I want more hits on my website. There I said it.

I participated in a lip-sync battle at work. There were five (maybe six?) other teams involved. What I did not know at the time of the competition as that you could do a group “battle” if you wanted to.

As you can see below, I missed that memo. I meant to share this earlier, but better late than never.

For those ROCORI Spartans out there, this probably looks a little bit familiar. Adam and Brian, let’s get the band back together. But not really because we are 26 and have to pretend to be adults.

Let me know what you think. Unless it’s bad. Then don’t do that.

I ended up winning four Twins tickets, and the person I hit after throwing my jacket 130 miles-per-hour into the crowd is OK.


2 thoughts on “This Stupid (And Really Fun Thing) I Did For Work”

  1. Grade: A+
    You still got it and no one else can beat that talent. I would know; Spar10 News episode # 214 this week (about 2000 segments total) and yours is still the tops.

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